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While it seems that America is obsessed with 'moving forward' with recent movements and economic woes, there is one man in a small Central Kentucky Burg that believes a 'step backwards' may be in order. Back- to a time when Robert Penn Warren plowed his Southern Kentucky field by the heat of the day, and returned to his veranda in the cool of the evening to write some of the most powerful prose and poetry America had, (and has), ever read.

Back to a time when Edgar Cayce had dreams and visions in Western Kentucky. Back to a time when Thomas Merton contemplated life's trivialities from a monestary in nearby Gethsemani. Back to a time when a lady named Elizabeth Madox Roberts captured the essence of Kentucky et-al in her writings, (just up the road in Springfield).

Back to a time when King Tobacco reigned in Central Kentucky- when a good smoke was a reward for a hard days work. Back to a time when catch phrases such as 'politically correct' and 'environmentally friendly' didn't exist in the Kentucky lexicon.

Warren's last novel was titled, "A PLACE TO COME TO". I like that... and wanted to create 'A PLACE TO COME TO' for important Kentucky literature (lit.) and fine cigars (which can be lit). Thus, KENTUCKYLIT was established, August, 2010.
'Robert Penn Warren' by David Terry, from his Southern Art Series, (for Factor Prize Committee 2010). Illustration originally appeared in the Washington Post Book Review. Visit David's website at www.davidterryart.com and be sure to thank him for preserving Kentucky's literary and agricultural heritage through his artwork!
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